Top 8 Hair Mistakes

We know what you’re probably thinking. You’ve likely made any one of the following top 8 hair mistakes, and you’d like to forget it. ‘Nuff said. This isn’t about rubbing a bad haircut in your face, or pointing out your lack of success with at-home haircolor, it’s really just a friendly reminder that once you know better, you can do better. Stop making the following top 8 hair mistakes.

Top 8 Hair Mistakes You Keep Making

1. You stop changing- Guess what? Shaking things up every now and again can be a great thing. Has it been a long while since you’ve ventured away from your “natural” roots? Whether it’s a break up, a new job, a relocation, or a celebration of some sort, making a physical change in your appearance can be an affordable and instant mood-booster. Why splurge on a brand new wardrobe when you can make a major change with just one snip? Don’t make the mistake of holding onto an old look. Be willing to change your style, your cut, or even your hair accessories. Small things like this can make a big difference in the way you look and feel.

2. Bad hair color- If your blonde is always too brassy, too golden, too orange, or (ugh!) green, you need to see a new colorist. Like pronto. Bad hair color is a terrible hair mistake. Many people encounter bad color just by opting for an at-home approach they hope will save money.Be very careful here. Many of expensive, in-salon corrective color processing fees can be nearly triple what they would have been had you just booked the original service. Plus consider the damage, and the potential humiliation of a bad hair color. Waiting to get into your stylist after a color emergency can be days. Save yourself the trouble and book with an expert every time you color treat your hair.

3. Over wash- Is over washing under-delivering on your hair goals? Excessive shampooing can cause dry and lifeless locks. If you’re using a shampoo with a lather, then you’re stripping essential oils each and every time you shampoo. Only to replace it with even less-beneficial conditioners. Stop the insanity and reduce your shampoos to 3-4 times per week, if possible. A dry shampoo can be used in between washes to help reduce oil build-up at the scalp.

4. You can’t afford your services- Do you have champagne hair taste while working with a beer budget? Expensive hair services should only be considered if you have the time and financial ability to maintain your hair style. It’s a terrible idea to opt for hair extensions or a hair color that you won’t be able to touch-up as needed. Discuss the requirements of any color, extension, or texturizing service with your stylist first, and then decide whether or not you have the funds to rebook each appointment. If not you’re really better off choosing a lower-maintenance color service that you can always afford.

5. You’re always late- While showing up to hair appointments late might not seem like a huge mistake, believe us when we say it is! Running late puts your stylist’s entire day behind schedule. This means she’ll have to deal with the stress of (maybe) mixing your hair color, while taking down a foil highlight. While your colorist might seem like a magician, she can’t possibly devote her time to two clients at once. Help your stylist focus on just you by showing up to your appointments in a timely manner. If, after that, you stylist is the one responsible for constantly running behind, it might be time to check out another salon or stylist who books his appointments with space between for emergencies and unforeseen circumstances. Your time is valuable too.

6. You don’t listen- If your stylist is giving you ideas for your style and you’re turning a deaf ear, then you might want to reconsider your hair goals, and whether or not you’re being realistic. Many people will sit in their stylist’s chairs with hair requests that are next to impossible. If their stylist can’t provide their service, they might even book elsewhere. You really need to trust your stylist and decide whether or not you can take their advice with your hair challenges. If your stylist is strongly advising against a color or a cut, you should heed their advice, or risk the mistake.

7. You damage your hair- Ok, you’re guilty of using a curling iron like everyday to create beach waves. Then you add to the mix hair color and bleach. Next you’re doing all kinds of pins and twists, and then sleeping in braids, only to wake up with sexy bedhead styles, that require very little effort in styling, come Monday morning. This is all fine and good except you could be causing unknown damage to your tresses just by being experimental. Make sure you never pull your updos too tight, consider sleeping on a silk pillowcase, and loosen any upsweeps before bedtime. Tossing and turning with hair accessories in place can cause breakage and splits. While there’s something to be said about being creative and playing with your hair, it really needs a break too. In between structured styles give your hair an air-dry break, and ditch all accessories.

8. You keep changing stylists- It’s one thing to get bored or decide to replace your stylist because you want to try something new. What’s not ok is shifting stylists so much, nobody ever gets to really know your hair. A little but of history with your hairdresser is a very good thing. Not only will he know which styles have worked best with your daily styling habits, he’ll also know your booking patterns, and be able to make suggestions based on what he knows (being realistic) you’ll really maintain. A good hairdresser can be like your best friend. He has seen you at your worst, and loves to make you feel your best. Embrace that. (And remember how she squeezed you in when you “accidentally” added a few highlights of your own.) Hair Mistake? Live and learn.