• At Juldan Salon, we offer only excellence in providing you with the look you want or need. We are the best hair destination for fabulous looks and memorable hair experience in Dallas Texas.

    If your hair is thining or breaking – or if your hair is just not growing fast enought – then Claudia Egnal, at Juldan Hair Salon, can help! We provide the best hair thickening systems, undetectable hair pieces and hair extensions with the highest quality and a great variety of shades to match nearly anyone’s needs.

    Cinderella, Babe

    No heat, no wax or glue. Reusable hair.
    Also called Links locs, microbeads and I-tip.

    We always recommend visiting our salon, get a free consultation, and then we can see what is going to be the best system for you, either being Hairlocs, or something else. We can find which extension system is going to be correct for your needs and look.

    Hotheads-HE GreatLengths HairLocs SheUsa.HE Babe DonnaBellaHair
  • Hair Extension Services

    (Great Lengths, Hairdreams, Cinderella, Balmain, SO.CAP)

    Authentic natural looking human hair that is long lasting, provided by a company that understands the needs and demands from hairdresser to client. Real hair extensions with multiple options of colors, natural textures, application types and price levels without sacrificing quality and performance.

    • Thermal Fusion Hair Extension

      • Thickening & Volume
      • starts at $375
      • BASIC Length & Fullness
      • starts at $800+
      • Full Length
      • starts at $1,100
      • Removal
      • $75/hr
      • Maintainance
      • $125/hr
    • Klix, Balmain Double Hair, Cinderella
      Strips, 1 Step Easy Weft

      • For Volume, thickness and/or length.
      • 100% HUMAN HAIR, quick to apply
      • Maintenance every 6-8 weeks
      • Wear for up to 6 months
      • Reusable
      • Systems starting at $450
    • Seamless Tape Extensions
      (Cinderella, Babe, Hotheads)

      • Tape in Method used seamless wefts that can
        be installed in as little as 45 minutes.
      • 100% human hair, Reusable.
      • Last up to 6 months
      • Maintenance every 6-8 weeks
      • Systems starting at $450
  • Cylinder/Links/locs/Micro beads


    Individual round tip extension strands attached with soft copper links that are re-usable up to 3 times. The Soft fine hair strands will not add heavy weight stress to delicate scalp hair or cause damage. They require maintenance every 6 weeks.

    One step easy weft

    The One-Step method is the easiest way to do Weft extensions. Each piece is attached and secured with Copper tubes. Is fast and most efficient system to apply. Eliminates weaving/braiding. Reduces the process to one step.

    Made of 100% Human Remy Hair and are designed to create volume, length and color in as little as 45 minutes. They are-usable and can be worn for 6 – 8 weeks then re-adjusted during your next appointment to be worn again.

    MAINTENANCE Simply remove the old I-Link and replace with a new I-Link.You may have to pull additional hair through the holes. If you decide not to re-apply, they can be stored and reused at a later date if your stylist feels the hair extension is in good condition.

    Seamless Tape Hair Extensions

    Look amazing in no time.
    Fast installation (as little as 45 minutes)

    Applied to your hair, not your scalp. Your hair is “sandwiched” between two tape sections. Customizable sizing and placement virtually anywhere can be achieved by cutting each piece Tape extensions are reusable up to 2 times with proper application. Maintenance every 6 weeks is required.

    The Bond Remover is applied across the top of each Extension. After a few seconds, slowly separate the two pieces by pulling from the top corner. Any residual adhesive is removed from your hair with a gentle shampooing. Tape hair can be reused if your stylist feels the hair extension is in good condition.

    Fusion (Thermal) Hair Extensions
    (Great Lengths, Donna Bella, Cinderella, Babe)

    This is the most popular and preferred method of hair extensions since they require no maintenance. They last between from 3-5 months with proper maintenance.

    Rows of strands are applied one by one by using low levels of heat to soften and contour the Bond around the hair shaft, our hair extensions will last from 3-4 months with proper maintenance. This is the most popular form of hair extensions and recommended for all hair types Our Bond Remover is applied to each bond. The bond will soften and your stylist will apply gentle pressure with an Instrument allowing the bond to slide off along with hair extension. Any residual bond is easily removed from your hair with a gentle shampooing


    Our extensions are 100% human hair resulting in absolute compatibility with you hair. You are able to blow dry, flat iron and curl your extensions as you would your own.

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