5 Things Your Hairdresser Wishes You Knew

Have you ever wondered what your hairdresser wishes you knew? Perhaps she thinks you’re way to blonde. That you don’t have style. Or that you should just put that cellphone down. Here’s the truth…

1. You’re Not Being Realistic- Sometimes client requests make no sense. You can’t expect to go to your stylist, walk in as a brunette, and walk out looking like a platinum Lady Gaga. Unless you’re wearing a wig. The entire hair coloring process is a process that also involves art and science. If it can’t scientifically be done correctly, it’s unrealistic to expect it to be. Your colorist is limited by the condition of your hair, what’s on it already, and the law of color.

2. Being Late Ruins Their Day- Unlike doctor and dentist appointments, hairdressers rarely overbook clients. So when you are twenty minutes late, you pretty much ruined her whole day. Sure, they’ll probably still seat you. Yes they’ll do a good job. You should remember all of this and provide a generous gratituity, and arrive on time next time. (And that means five minutes early.)

3. They Forgot Your Kids Names- This is not personal. Hairdressers hear their client’s lives’ details all day long. Chances are he remembers your son’s play last month. He remembers the time he got sick on the school bus. He knows all about his accomplishments on the soccer field. But he forgot his name. OK? Don’t make this awkward. (Just casually mention it.)

4. They Know When You’re Lying- Don’t try to pull the old “I haven’t had a haircut since I last saw you.” Especially when you ran off to a different stylist who hacked your style, so now you’re back. Just be honest. You cheated. You went to another hairstylist and she messed up. Don’t worry. (Your hairdresser is so happy you’re back, she doesn’t even mind that you strayed!)

5. Why Are You Wearing White?- Especially when she is coloring your hair. Seriously. Why?

So there it is in a nutshell, five little dirty thoughts your hairdresser wishes you knew.

(And trust me, there’s a lot more!)

To be continued…