Is Your Hair the Reason You’re Still Single?

Well you know what they say about a woman who cuts her hair, and how she’s about to change her life. What happens when there’s no change, and no romantic interests either? No job promotion? No kids, no cars, no dates, no nothing. Is your hair holding you back? In other words, is your hair the reason you’re single? It’s possible. Let’s take a look.

Is Your Hair the Reason You’re Single?

1. You Don’t Go Out- If your hair is happy in a Pinterest-inspired bun, maybe these effortless hairstyles are also a reflection of your current lifestyle. Cindrella didn’t meet her prince by sitting on the couch watching Netflix. Not that she could have, but whatever. You get the idea. You need to dress yourself up, put on some lipstick, and hit the town. If only for you. New experiences will open you up to new relationships. Possibly a change in your relationship status.

2. You Don’t Care- Even if you’re one of those low maintenance girls, you still need to practice regular grooming and stay on top of appearances. Why? Because it will boost your self confidence when you look and feel your best. Confidence is a very sexy trait. Embrace your femininity and break out of your single chains. Put some personal pride into yourself, and you’ll feel more outgoing and even happier.

3. You Have a Bad Haircut-
If your current hairstyle is unflattering it could be affecting your dating prospects. Dated hairstyles, untouched color, split ends, and bad styles can drastically effect your appearance. It’s not about being vain, it’s just knowing and wearing what looks best on you. When was your last haircut? Is it time for something new?

Make Way for Change

If your dating life is lifeless, it could be as simple as switching stylists, or trying a new haircolor. If you’re looking for a more drastic change, Juldan Salon stylists are experts in hair extensions. If you want fairytale locks to attract the prince of your dreams, contact our salon today. Even if it’s just a cut. After all, once you learn to love and take care of yourself, single can be a fabulous thing!