Should You Rock the Mullet Hair Style Trend?

Question of the day: Should you rock the mullet hair style trend? Now before you answer, I know what you’re thinking. I mean seriously, who would even consider wearing a mullet? And how on earth did it become a trend? This haphazard style has been the tail end of many jokes for quite some time. Business in the front, party in the back, redneck associations, Billy Ray Cyrus, bad hair…you get it. There is really nothing in the world that can be said about the mullet that could make one forget these negative connotations. Except now the mullet seems to have the upper hand.

After being officially recognized on the runway, as several fresh female celebs have officially made the cut, the mullet demands a second look from the front and the back as it basks in the limelight. Here are 8 reasons why you should rock the mullet hair style trend. (Because we really had to stop ourselves after that!) C’mon…

8 Reasons Why You Should Rock the Mullet Hair Style Trend

1. It’s Bad Ass- Want to clear a bar? The best thing about the mullet is that it’s the perfect cut for the rebellious spirit. You know you have a bad ass hairstyle when you don’t care what people say about it. It’s not about business up front or about the party in the back. It’s all about being confident and cool and, you know, rocking it. On the bar stool. Ladies like that just ooze intrigue.

2. You’re Unique- You don’t need to have ombre hair color. And you don’t need to spend five hours reading Pinterest tutorials learning how to fishtail braid your hair extensions for that perfect casual Sunday hairstyle for your trip to Starbucks. In fact, you don’t even drink Starbucks. You’re unique. People with mullets are perfectly happy drinking regular brew from the gas station around the corner. Mullets are about living and going with the flow. No lines. No red lights. Just go. The beauty of the mullet is that it stands alone.

3. You Want to Save Time- Blowdrying your hair sucks. You already know that. In fact hairstyling of any sort is best left to the professionals because achieving a professional at-home blowout is hardly ever possible unless you plan on investing hours of your time, and have the right tools for the job. You don’t need it. When you rock a mullet, time is on your side. Wake up, shower, shave, get dressed, throw on a few cosmetic staples, and grab your vented brush, and repeat… brush it back. Once your hair gets used to its regular brushed pattern it will fall into place a little easier. You can even request your stylist add a few layers to make your mullet feather at the sides. Add a spritz of hairspray and you’re on the way. Time saver? Umm, yes please.

4. Buzz-leary-You don’t really want a men’s haircut– We get it. Pixies are cute. Not everyone is comfortable wearing a pixie haircut and not everybody should be. The most flattering hairstyle is usually one that marries the perfect cut for your face shape with the right style for your hair type and its natural wave patterns. So let’s be honest for a moment. Short pixie styles do not work on every girl. So if you’re the kind of person that really wants short hair but is a little apprehensive to commit, then mullet it is. Problem solved.

5. Save Money- On top of styling time the mullet also requires less hair styling product. Once you get rid of the length on your sides, you’ll end up using less shampoo. You might not be heat-styling your hair as much since you stopped styling your extensions into beach waves. This means money in your pocket. Back pocket. With a comb.

6. At-Home Haircolor- We’d be fools to tell you there weren’t a few perks to having short hair. As colorists, we already know a bad haircolor can be fixed with a pair of shears. Mullets are perfect for the experimental at-home hair colorist. While we recommend using a frosting cap with bleach for this sort of hair style, you might try a few other, more advanced techniques such as balayage and if you mess that up those same shears (you call them scissors at home) can be used to lop her off if things go south. Saving money, yet again, in both color and cut. The mullet is truly a life, money, and time saver.

7. Update Your Status- A mullet girl is what many men would consider the “ungettable” girl. She’s different. Wild. A cheap date and maybe even worth putting a ring on. When you wear a mullet you could easily go from single (more reasons why your hair could be the reason you’re single are located here) to rocking Auntie Mae’s old prom gown as your wedding dress, in like two months FLAT. And I don’t mean your hair. A mullet woman is a rare treasure and when you find a man that recognizes that, you’ll know it. You won’t have to ask. He will. In fact, he’ll probably beg.

8. Confidence is Sexy- Knowing that you can wear a mullet puts you in a league of your own. Like truly and totally, alone and by yourself. Not every girl is going to be rocking this Spring 2016 hair style trend. They’ll be scared. And rightfully so, as there is plenty of risk involved. There will be no going back, and no more messy buns for Saturday mornings at the flea market. From now on it’s all about you, and making it work no matter how rough the ride. A girl that can manage her hair is sexy. There’s no more updos to save you some grace. A mullet doesn’t need saving. A mullet is, and will always be, unforgettable. Don’t YOU want to be unforgettable? Thought so.

Whether you’re considering a mullet or want to add some length to a pixie gone bad, the stylists at Juldan Salon would love to see you! Please contact us today to book your next appointment.

Author credit: Jodie Michalak