Brunette or Blonde- What’s Your Best Hue?

Brunette or Blonde- What’s Your Best Hue?

If you’re like most gals you have often wondered what it might feel like to explore the other side of the fence. Unless of course you’ve already been there and done that.

Hair coloring can completely change your personal look and even enhance your style. If you’re wondering if you should opt for brunette or blonde locks consider the following before you book a salon appointment, or worse yet, hit up the at-home hair color aisle. (Which you should really steer clear from, and this is why.)

1. Upkeep- It’s all fun and dandy until someone needs to rebook a color appointment. If you aren’t in the position to maintain a high-maintenance platinum hue, it won’t much matter how good you look wearing it. You’ll have roots. Unless you’re opting for the ombre style, roots are a sore reminder that someone is just a little behind in routine maintenance.

Allover brunette or blonde hair is a huge commitment if you are not a natural. Instead, lowlights or highlights can add some dimension, while sparing time and money spent in the chair.

2. Complexion- There’s a reason most women have to change their makeup palettes after extreme color changes such as brunette to blonde. If your natural hair color is switched, you might soon find you need to add some warmth to your makeup routine and opt for different blush hues or lipsticks. The wrong hue can wash you out, make you look sallow, and even make some of your best features disappear. That’s not to say you can’t make a brunette or blonde switch, it’s just a forewarning that perhaps more than just your hair color may need to be changed.

3. Boredom- Once you’ve dappled in the world of brunette or blonde hair, you may eventually miss your natural hair color. This means you’ll need to go BACK to square one, and that will require professional expertise. Ever wonder why some women have a greenish cast to their hair, or why their blonde locks are orange?

In order to remove hair color, your stylist will use a lightener. Hair color is very difficult to lift. You might get stuck in that hot zone and end up wearing a much warmer tone of blonde than you had before. If you decide to resort lightened locks back to brown, beware! Your hair shaft needs to be filled with other colors in the wheel so that brown doesn’t pull green or ash. There really is a science behind hair color.

No matter if you have brunette or blonde locks, the best thing you can do when considering a hair color change is to book an appointment with a professional colorist who can help you decide the service and the maintenance that best suits your budget, lifestyle, and ultimate hair goals. Blonde, brunette, grey or red, every girl can have a little more fun, once she knows what she’s in for.