Best Haircuts for Summer

Summertime is almost here, and that means it’s also time to do a little something fresh with your hair color and style. These are the best haircuts for summer, so that you can make a splash without going “flat.”

1. Bobs-Bob is the word if you’re looking for a low-maintenance summer hairstyle. Bobbed hair is chic, versatile, and looks great paired with big sunglasses, hair wraps, and a beach hat. If humidity and high temps have your hair dragged down, a bob will add some bounce back.

2. Long Wavy Layers- Wavy hair rules in the summer. Whether you’re beach bound or poolside, loose tendrils and kinks look sexy long after the sun goes down. Add some festival style braids to your waves for even more carefree, wild appeal. If you don’t have long hair consider extensions for those extra inches. If you lack texture, a permanent body wave will get you through many air-dry hair days.

3. Shag- Long live the shag! Shaggy hair is back and we couldn’t welcome it more. The new shag is part gypsy and part rocker, and all cool. Ask your stylist for even layers everywhere and watch your hair go from hum to hmmm…Style your gypsy shag with some mousse, and shake.

4. Pixie- A pixie haircut might be up your alley if the dog days of summer have you ready to take the shears to it. Rather than go crazy with an at-home haircut, meet with your stylist and discuss your hair woes. Going from long to short is a drastic change, and once women go pixie, some never go back! Check out your facial features to determine what sort of short or pixie haircut will best emphasize your best traits, and then set your alarm a half hour later. Sleep in girls!

5. Blunt bangs- Sure Mother Nature loves to mess with your waves and kinks come summer time, you can always have the last laugh. There is perhaps NOTHING sweeter than an edgy blunt bang paired with virtually anything in the back. Bobbed? Check. Long wavy layers? Looking good. Pixie, well, not so much. But you get the idea. Blunt bangs and party everywhere else just works for summertime. Especially with a sun dress and red lips.

Some of the most difficult summer hair challenges include taming hair patterns and maintaining hair color. Blonds might get brassy if exposed to the sun for extended periods without a hair sealer. Chlorine and salt water will wreak havoc on colored hair. If you want your hair to look its best during the hot months, you should plan on wearing sunhats and head coverings whenever you head outdoors. At-home, maintain your hair color with a color preserving shampoo and conditioner, and opt for a deep conditioning treatment once per week.

Once summer comes to an end, make sure your stylist snips away the salt-tinged memories and gets rid of any split ends. Fall is time for hair to prepare for a long, cold, windy winter. Indoor heating, snow, rain, and well you know, dreams of summer.