What to Pack for Perfect Beach Hair

Beach days are just a few weeks away for most of us. While you’re busy finishing up the school year events or tackling the last of your to-do list before departure, don’t forget to pack away these hair essentials for your trip. The secret to perfect beach hair is below.

1. Conditioner- Before we go any further, grab the deep conditioner. Like now. If you forget this basic hair product and you have any length of hair at all, your vacation will basically be ruined. There is no amount of hotel free toiletries that could save your tresses at this point. Shampoo is moot. You needed conditioner, like yesterday. We recommend the Mermaid line of conditioner and shampoo. (Because…obviously.) The light beachy scent encourages you to mingle in the sand a little longer. With conditioner on your ends. (Remember that!)

2. Sun hat- Don’t let your red hair fade or your blonde go brassy. A sunhat will keep the rays at bay while helping you achieve that Capri look.

3. Bobby pins and hair elastics-
Because small tools such as bobby pins and hair elastics always get lost, it’s best to stash them first in a small pouch, and then pack them into several different bags and places. You want easy access whether you’re on the plane or down on the sand with nothing more than a beach tote. Plan ahead and stash them in wherever you carry, wherever you go. We love Blax.

4. Detangling brush- Another easy to forget beach bag essential is a hair comb. You might have remembered the brushes, the hair dryer, the rollers and the clips, but this you might have missed. Ditch your comb and purchase a Wet brush instead. This versatile brush will come in handy for every member of the family and will do the dirty deed of detangling.

5. Styling creme- Don’t expect to go in the sun or brave Mother Nature without a little protection on your side. A lightweight styling creme will serve two purposes on your next beach vacation. First, it can be used to tame wet, pool-side or beach hair. Simply slick back your tresses and then twist styling creme into one inch sections to create natural beach waves. The extra hydration will do your tresses good. Next, after shampooing, work a styling creme through out from scalp to ends and blow dry or air style. A styling creme will hydrate damaged ends, impart shine, and help sun-kissed tresses feel silky smooth again.

Bon Voyage!