Trend Alert: Gypsy Shag Hair

Taylor Swift is already doing it, so that means it’s the next big thing. The gypsy shag hair cut is befit for the modern day bohemian who crossed over from the caravan to the rock stage. If you want to capture that rolled out of bed look that oozes cool factor, a gypsy shag haircut is on trend for summer 2016.

The Boho Look of Layers

Bohemian and free-spirited hair styles all have one thing in common: texture. When you’re busy band-watching at music fests, you have little time to wash and primp your hair style. Instead, you go with the flow and add a few braids here and there when bangs or flyaways get unmanageable.

Layered hair styles create the coveted boho style because they add movement and spontaity to a haircut. Style them a certain way and layers can add volume and curl. When let to dry on their own, layers create levels of interest and texture that beg for a few more hours at the beach. Top down, sunglasses on, and curls pinned to the side, layers are the basis of nearly every bohemian inspired haircut. (Except of course long layered tresses, parted in the center. But who really does that? Anymore.) Stay on cue with these gypsy shag haircut tips.

Ask for a Cut that Falls Effortlessly


While you might be used to requesting a hairstyle that’s precise, if you want to capture that gypsy boho hair style, you need to lighten up a bit. Layers do just that. Whether you’re dealing with too much hair that weighs you down, or your cut just looks dated, layers can instantly freshen your style without removing the majority of your length. In addition, you can play around with all types of styling cremes or mousses to vary your style.

The key to obtaining the perfect gypsy shag is to find a stylist that you trust. It’s most helpful if your stylist is familiar with your hair type and it’s specific requirements. In order to create that “I just rolled out of bed” hair, your stylist will need to evaluate your natural wave pattern, and consider how it will fall.

If you’re meeting your hair stylist for the first time, then by all means go natural! Do not bother doing anything other than washing and air-drying your hair prior to your hair cut appointment. When your stylist does a consultation they’ll be able to see how your hair looks dry, which will help them decide the best way to cut and where to place your layers. Depending on your hair type, your stylist may suggest razor cutting to add texture, or they might even cut your hair while it’s dry so they can carve the layers in as naturally as possible. If you want hair that looks effortless, your stylist will need to work with what you’ve got. Be prepared to take suggestions, and also change your styling tools as recommended.

Get Bangs

Here’s the kicker. Modern shags are all about the bang. If you’ve never worn a bang, rest assured growing them out doesn’t have to be as tedious as you might have heard. Shag cuts can incorporate longer, push away bangs that can be worn to the side with a bobby pin, if desired. To add even more interest to your gypsy shag haircut, ask your colorist to add balayage highlights to your bangs.

Quit Shampoo

Well, not for good, but at least a few days at a time. Gypsy shag haircuts get their carefree and tousled good looks by ditching the lather, instead of shampooing daily. In between cleansing you can use a dry shampoo to remove any oil at the scalp, while adding bounce. Do you hate dry shampoo? Read this and try it again.

Rock the Waves

Taylor Swift’s gypsy shag is banging with waves. If you don’t have any natural bend, you can create beachy waves by twisting hair into one inch sections as it dries. While waves work on nearly any hair length, your bangs will benefit from a nice smooth blowout with a round brush. This will create more polish, and help define any colorful highlights you might have added.

Fake it Till Ya Make it

No curls? No problem. If you need to create some movement and texture prior to making the snip, there’s always chemical services such as a perm or a body wave. Shags work best on textured hair, so if fine and thin tresses are the name of your game, your stylist will make suitable suggestions. This might include adding the curl before creating the cut.

Skip a Cut

Once you have the perfect gypsy shag haircut it’s ok to miss your next trim. Instead, stop by the salon and refresh your color. You can also book an appointment for a deep-conditioning service to repair any damage, and to impart a healthy sheen in the hair. Skipping a hair cut once in awhile is just a gypsy way of life!

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