Hair Care for Windy Days Tips

Windy hair days suck. Unless you know it’s going to be windy, you will likely not be prepared for the bad hair day that follows. Flyaways, lip gloss on your hair, and a mussed up look are what you have to look forward to. Be prepared before the wind doth blows with these hair care for windy days tips.

1. Pay attention to the weather. This is an easy one but often overlooked. If you are cold you are not dressed appropriately for the weather. If you are hot, you are not either. If you read your local forecast daily you can look at the wind conditions and style your hair accordingly before you leave home.

2. Skip the shampoo. Nothing is worse than spending time shampooing and blow drying your hair, only to have it ruined by Mother Nature. Skip a day and spend more time on your makeup and picking out an outfit instead. Chiffon fabrics are fun to wear in the wind, so put on a feminine dress, a cardigan, and style your hair with dry shampoo instead. Hate dry shampoo? Read our tips.

3. Invest in accessories that work. Get to know the type of person you are and what your style is. If you live an active life a cute baseball hat can cure your windy hair day woes. If you lean towards romantic fashions, you might consider braids instead. Pair your accessories with your maintenance level. If you have medium to short hair, a hair elastic or an embellished bobby pin might do. Learn your hair type, what it needs to feel manageable, and then purchase the correct accessories to take control of windy and bad hair days.

4. Pack a brush. Keep a hairbrush in your purse at all times. Having a styling tool at your disposal makes dealing with a windy hair day all the easier. If you can brush your tangles smooth and then secure them with a hair elastic you have on hand, you’ll feel much more pulled together.

5. Skip the lipgloss. OK we said it, and we’re sorry we had to. We know this one is tough, but opt for a light application of lip balm instead. Protect your lips from the drying winds and keep the lipstick stick off your tresses too. Let your hair loose.

With these tips you can brave windy days just like your favorite summer ones. Go fly a kite!