Why You Hate Dry Shampoo

You probably hate dry shampoo and don’t know why. Every beauty editor (or so it seems), or model, or fashionista, and even that lady down the street with the perfect roller set every morning, well she swears by dry shampoo too. And it makes no sense to you. You might have tried it. Most likely while in the beauty store, after finding a vintage looking can on the shelf just begging for you to pick it up and explore, before making a commitment. And so you didn’t. You sprayed it, it smelled weird, it felt sorta gritty, and then you looked in the mirror and PRESTO! flat hair head. What the heck happened? You really hate dry shampoo, and here’s a closer look at why.

1. You’re Spraying Too Much- The key to a favorable dry shampoo application is to apply dry shampoo with a very light hand. You should not use dry shampoo like you would your favorite aerosol hairspray from back in the day. Dry shampoo should be applied from a distance so that the extra moisture that shoots out from the nozzle doesn’t hit the root of your hair, and make the lift go flat. Hold the can at least 18 inches away from your scalp and mist lightly.

2. You Don’t Spray it in the Right Spot- The purpose of dry shampoo is to remove oil from the scalp and shaft so that hair isn’t weighed down. You can help this process by lifting your hair up in sections as you spray it. If you just hit the top of your head with dry shampoo, your hair will appear to stick to your scalp, creating the aforementioned flat head.

3. It Smells Terrible-
Dry shampoo isn’t always pleasant smelling. Some of the older varieties and brands that grandma swears by, still smell like grandma’s perfume. This may or may not be your style. Rest assured there are far better scented dry shampoos on the market than those found on the drugstore shelf. Boho style twins MaryKate and Ashley Olson created the Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Dry Shampoo $28 and it smells fabulous, so problem solved.

4. Your Hair Itches- Itchy scalp is common when you skip shampoos. If you’re going to start using a dry shampoo regularly, make sure you’re using a deep cleansing shampoo in between to break apart any oil residue on your scalp. In addition, a comforting shampoo will also condition and soothe the scalp while providing treatment benefits. Shu Uemura’s Art of Hair Ultimate Remedy shampoo and conditioner are an excellent choice for anyone hoping to extend a blowout. Formulated to nourish and repair the hair, the divine scent lasts for DAYS! Guaranteed to help you overcome the mid-week temptation to lather up, this product is a dream on the scalp and on the ends, and it’s mild enough to not alter the ph balance of your scalp. This will help prevent itchy scalp, and you’ll smell delightful. Bonus!

It’s White- If you have dark hair, white dry shampoos can ash out your color and make it look dull and lifeless. The good news is there are colored spray and powder dry shampoos that are formulated for different hair colors, you’ll just have to seek them out. SachaJuan’s Dark Volume Powder is made for raven tresses. Whether you’re a brunette, a blonde, or a granny grey, there’s a dry shampoo made for you. You’ll just have to take these tips and apply with caution. And get ready to hit the snooze button, somebody just scored another 30 minutes of beauty sleep. We’ll spray to that!