Waiting for Saturday- 7 Links Worth Reading

Happy Friday. You might be at your desk. In your pajamas. Or off on your morning jog. Heck you might even be in your stylist’s chair right here at Juldan Salon. We believe you deserve a little rest and relaxation to prepare for the weekend. Take a break and click these 7 links worth reading. Why? Because it’s Friday. ‘Nuff said.

Wanderlust is a real thing. Add these 52 places to your wishlist — The New York Times

Is sitting the new smoking? — Forbes

When in Austin, know where the best late-night eats are — Austin Way

Long (but good) read: 53 historians weigh in on Barack Obama’s legacy — New York Magazine

The way we “grab drinks with friends” in 2015 — The New Yorker

A members-only culinary pop-up in Boston worth knowing about — The Boston Day Book

How wellness became the new luxury status symbol — Style.com

Courtesy: WaitingforSaturday