2015 Summer Hair Trends for Men

The following 2015 hair trends for men will keep you in style as the mercury rises. (We know you want to look just as good!)

1. The Buzz Cut
Simple, easy to maintain, and adaptable to most face shapes, this style is a good fit for a classic, masculine look. Evoking a military image, it has been trendier lately, possibly out of respect for our armed forces or the popularity of war films. Depending on the shape of your face, this cut can be adapted to you by changing the length and angle of cut. The flattop or crew cut is the more “soldier” looking version of this style, but you might also prefer a “butch” cut with a standard length all over.

2. The Fringe
Is the buzz cut is too short for your taste? Consider the fringe cut. Recent fashion shows hint that this style could be trending very soon. Sure, a fringe cut can be hot under the sweltering summer sun, but there are modifications that can help beat the heat. You can try it a little shorter or ask your stylist to thin it out a bit. If it’s still not comfortable, try styling it to the side across your forehead instead of straight down.

3. Slicked Back
Though this style’s shiny appearance might make it seem difficult to maintain throughout a hot day, it is perfect for the summer. The right product will keep it in place all day, and keep your hair out of your face. For a sharper look, ask for a tight fade around the sides and back, leaving a striking, long portion on top to slick back. If you have thick hair, it is important to thin it a bit, either with scissors or by point cutting your hair. A versatile style, you can style it into a pompadour or coif as well.

4. Wavy/Curly Hair: The Relaxed Coif
Summer is hard on wavy hair. The heat and humidity brings your curls right back, no matter how rigidly you try to style it otherwise. Just go with it. Fortunately, a simple, classic coif is trending again in 2015. Or, just push it straight back to keep it out of your face. Styles like this say that you can be cool without trying too hard.

5. Afro Hair: Disconnected Sides
A combo of the buzz cut and curly styles, this cut is also easy to maintain and keeps you cool. Make sure the back and sides are skin faded to put the hair on top in dramatic contrast. You can let it grow loose and careless, or keep it carefully sculpted with hair products. Both styles are great looking and easy to maintain.