Granny Grey Hair Trend

Are you ready to hop on board with the granny grey hair trend? No longer a passing statement, gals have been coloring their hair a whiter shade of pale for quite sometime. From platinums to silvers, and then on to pastels, it seems the best thing to do as of late, is go grey. Here’s what you need to know before stealing Granny’s style.

Hello Bleach- Unlike Granny’s grey hair, unless you have a full head of that glorious grey stuff, it’s going to be a chemical process to get there. Your stylist will have to lift your hair color to the lightest levels on the spectrum, and then deposit that ashy hue that combines a little bit of violet, and a pinch of blue. If you don’t want to see these underlying pigments, you might want to make your grey hair a little darker.

Maintenance- Most people can relate to seeing Granny’s bottle of Fanci-Full left in the shower. Tinted shampoos and leave-in color rinses helped keep Granny’s grey from being too brassy. You’ll have to follow suit and purchase a color-enhancing shampoo or conditioner to keep your grey strands true.

People will Stare- This is pretty obvious. People are going to wonder why the heck you want grey hair. Especially if you’re in your teens or are twenty-something. It’s OK. Hopefully their Granny taught them staring is impolite, and not so say anything if it isn’t nice.

Add Face Color- You will need more makeup. Not everyone (OK nobody) can pull off the Granny grey hair trend without boosting their makeup routine. Some gals go as far as rocking cat eyes, false lashes, muted lips and heavy blush, whereas others simply rely on a swipe of red lipstick or Granny’s favorite coral hue. No matter what makeup routine or palette you choose, just make sure you wear something, or you’ll age yourself, like 50 years.

Ditch the Frock- It might seem cute to pair your granny grey hair with granny boots and a granny white dress, but unless you’re going to a Pioneer Days festival, this isn’t going to work in the real world either. Ditch all Granny frocks and muumuus from your wardrobe while wearing the granny grey hair trend. Instead, opt for a wardrobe that adds a little edge and toughens up your silvery tresses. Black leather, lace, bold colors, etc. And by all means, keep your underthings pretty and fancy as well.

Going Back to Your Roots- After you’ve experienced Granny’s grey you might decide the color looks better on Grandma. That’s OK. Just make sure you have some cash set aside to go back to blonde, red or brunette if need be, before going grey. Granny always thinks ahead and plans things, after all. She probably taught you to save some mad money. And this is why.