What to Do if You Hate Your Haircut

Are you wondering what to do if you hate your haircut?

It’s likely happened to everyone at one point in their life. Perhaps you went to a new stylist and you both missed the connection, or you opted for a hairstyle that looked better in a photo than it does on you. Rest assured there are a few things you can do (that don’t include brown paper bags, baseball hats, or locking yourself in your bedroom. (Come on out…)

If you hate your haircut you need to call your stylist, pronto! This might seem embarrassing and you might think they won’t understand, but stylists really do deal with these sorts of issues professionally and try their best to not take it personally.

If you’re not comfortable speaking directly to your stylist then simply ask for the salon manager or explain your situation to the reception desk. Time is of essence. Do not wait two weeks to make the call. You’ll know fairly quick if you hate your haircut.

Once you’ve rebooked your redo appointment it’s time to do some serious research. Magazines, Pinterest, etc. should offer plenty of inspiration so that you can better convey your wishes at the appointment. Bring high quality images to your stylist or colorist so they can see exactly what you request. And remember, stylists are not magicians! If you have hair challenges that will not permit the specified color or look, you should really trust your stylist’s opinion.

Another useful tool for getting on the same page with you hairstylist is utilizing hair color swatches. If you see orange and she sees red, swatches will help both of you communicate. Ask to see color swatches whenever you’re changing your hair color.

If your hair cut is not “fixable” (too short, now you have bangs, etc.) the only other thing to do if you hate your haircut, is to be open to a new hairstyle. Maybe the cut is too heavy to support its shape. Perhaps now is that perfect time to opt for a summery shag? Ask your stylist for three other suggestions that will work for your current hair situation and see if you can decide on something you’ll be comfortable in.

Nobody likes going to the hair salon only to go home crying, “I hate my haircut!” Rest assured, we don’t like to hear that either. Juldan Salon proudly does our best to remedy any hair challenge. If you went elsewhere and had a bad haircut, we’d be happy to help you find a new style that feels just like you. And, for those that simply can not wait, we are the premier destination salon for hair extensions in Dallas. (Good to know!)

Contact Juldan Salon to book an appointment today. Life’s too short to hide beneath a baseball cap!