How to Keep Your Hair Looking Salon Fresh

The following tips will describe how to keep your hair looking salon fresh, long after you’ve tipped your stylist.

1. Get a Dry Shampoo: If you just got a salon blowout, a dry shampoo can maintain your hair’s bounce and body for an extra day or so. Simply sprinkle at your roots and shake.

2. Sleep in Silk– Go to bed with a silk scarf hair wrap or invest in a silk pillowcase to prevent tangles and prevent bedhead while you toss and turn.

3. Wear a High Ponytail: Another option for maintaining a fabulous blowout is to wear a high ponytail while you sleep. This will keep the root lifted and provide a little ommph to your style while you’ve off in dreamland.

4. Refresh Your Style: Rather than shampoo and blow-dry daily, did you know you can revive your style by blow-drying things back into shape? A round brush and a burst of heat might be all you need to smooth out your tresses, quickly and easily.

5. Invest in Quality Products: While salon products tend to be much pricier than drugstore varieties, you really do get what you pay for. Regardless of where you shop, opt for products that have no sulfates. This will keep hair color lasting longer.

6. Deep Condition: You deserve a little pampering and so do your gorgeous locks. Try a once a week deep-conditioning treatment to keep your hair healthy and prevent ends from splitting.

7. Wear a Sunhat: Whenever you venture out into Mother Nature make sure you wear a head covering of some sort to prevent your hair color from fading or from your blonde from turning brassy while you’re in the sun

8. Don’t Be Rough: Do minimal tugging and pulling on your hair when it’s wet because it is much more susceptible to breakage. Use a wide-tooth comb or a styling brush specifically designed for use on wet hair. Always comb from the ends up and if you hear or feel snapping, slow down…

9. Wear a Swimcap: In addition to protecting your hair in the sun you also need to protect it from the water. Wearing a waterproof swim cap will ensure your hair and color are not exposed to the drying effects of salt or chlorine.

10. Get Wet First: Last, if you do decide to jump into the water without wearing a swim cap, wet your hair thoroughly first. Your hair will not be able to absorb as much of the chemicals or salt if it is pre-moistened. Utilize an outdoor shower or bring a spray bottle of H20 with you to the beach.

Don’t forget your sunblock!