How to Cut Your Bangs at Home

Are you wondering how to cut your bangs at home? While most hairstylists offer complimentary bang trims to their loyal clients, many people still stand armed with scissors in hand and in front of the mirror, ready to take the do-it-yourself approach to bang maintenance. While not nearly as risqué as at-home hair color, there are still a few tips you need to know before making the snip.

How to Cut Your Bangs at Home

Before you even consider taking a pair of shears to your coif, make sure you are using a professional pair. Kitchen scissors or your kid’s 5″ blunt tip will not do the trick. Go to a beauty supply store such as Sally Beauty Supply, Sephora, or Ulta, and buy yourself a professional tool for the job. While you’re there, pick up a hair comb. You can not, and should not, attempt to section your bangs pre-trim with a brush. A comb will ensure every hair is perfectly separated and straight. This is essential is getting an even trim.

If you have curly hair, beware! Curly hair will shrink when it is dry. Always trim it longer than you’re desired final length and provide some room for that curl to bounce a bit higher.

Next, comb hair straight down and do not hold it taut. You do not want tension on your hair. Hold the comb very lightly and allow your hair to move underneath it. You want your bangs to fall as naturally as possible, and light tension will ensure this.

When it comes to the cut, never snip straight across. The result will be a very squared “baby doll” bang that is not universally flattering. Unless you’re going for an extreme shape and statement you should always cut bangs into a notched v pattern. Hold your sears vertically and snip up and into your bangs so that the pieces are slightly varied. This will provide wispy movement and a natural, effortless line.

Dare as you must, some gals still manage to do a serious hack when it comes to at-home bang trims. So be forewarned. In the event you snip too much you can hide the mistake with headbands, bandanas and of course, bobby pins. Should the mess be unfixable, there’s always hair extensions.

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