Why You Should Avoid At-Home Hair Color

Experience can be the best teacher. And at times a costly one. There are many reasons why you should avoid at-home hair color. No matter how tempting.

1. Looks Deceive: Perhaps you just purchased a Honey Blonde box of color and your goal is to lighten several levels while finishing it off with gorgeous warm neutral hues. Not so fast. Hair color takes some serious color knowledge. This is exactly why so many professional hairdressers are still not exactly “experts” in coloring.

Whenever you color or lighten the hair, you have to consider the degree of lightness to darkness, the underlying pigments, as well as the porosity of your hair type. Without an understanding of levels and tones, that box is not going to do you any good. In most cases a professional colorist will use “several” colors to create a custom formula just for you. Remember, you get what you pay for.

2. Complications: Have you ever tried highlighting your hair with foils at home? It’s not an easy task. Coloring of any sort poses major application challenges for nearly every DIY hair coloring warriors. Most of these challenges include uneven application or bleed lines from trying to reach the back of the head to add highlights, low lights, or allover color.

3. Damaging: While there are several mild boxed hair colors on the market, there is still a high risk of damage whenever you color without the help of a professional. Why you ask? Because in most cases you will damage your tresses by leaving color products on too long, mixing too much developer, and let’s face it, over processing your locks. A professional colorist can watch your color job by the minute to preserve the health and integrity of the hair’s health.

While you might feel up to the challenge, please think twice before opting for at-home hair color. Contact Juldan salon today to set up an appointment and trust your tresses with the best in Dallas.