Spring 2014 Hair Color Trends

Find out what the big hair colors for spring 2014 will be according to the runways, celebrities and pro hairdressers.


The easy to maintain, soft ombre trend is hot this spring! Most women think that all ombre involves the ends being a very light blonde, but this amazing example of a rich chocolate brown melting into a soft caramel changes the game completely!

Harsh ombre is giving way to a more subtle gradient colouring effect, according to Kim Vo, a celebrity hairstylist, salon owner and TV star, who dubs this year’s big hair colour trend as “sombre” (soft ombre).

John Jen Hoe Chong, who has won several Canadian Hairstylist of the Year Awards, agrees. “The ombre trend will still be around and it’s all about natural colours, long layers and soft lines.”

Bright, Punchy Tones

While spring is usually ruled by pastels, these were punched up on the runways, coming in bright fondant and sorbet shades, rather than washed out, lighter hues. The Pantone Color of the Year is Dazzling Blue. Bright tangerine is having another moment in the fashion and beauty worlds. It’s safe to say rainbow brights are making a huge comeback this season.

“If we look to fashion we are seeing metallics and jewel tones…which can easily be translated into the hair color palette,” says, Contessa winner, Goldwell artistic director and global color master.


A rich bronzed base with beige blonde highlights intertwining throughout will warm and brighten your skin tone this spring.

Whether it’s nails, makeup or accessories, bronze is going to be the metallic trend for the upcoming season. So it’s no wonder that the lines between dirty blondes and golden browns are being blurred. Dubbed “bronde” by Kim Vo (who called this trend in the fall), expect blondes to go in a more natural direction, while brunettes to look for subtle ways to lighten up.

With stars like Naya Riviera, Kim Kardashian and Ciara recently rocking blondey-brown hues, it’s safe to say that hair colors will be trending toward the caramel side in spring 2014.