Reader Question: When I Straighten My Hair I Lose All Volume


I need some major hair help. I have wavy hair that I blow dry straight every single day. Once it is as straight as I can manage, I use a flat iron to smooth it out and increase the shine. The problem is, even though it’s straight and super polished, it practically sticks to my head. I don’t have any volume or bounce, and there is absolutely not way I can manage wearing my hair like this two days in a row. That means I have to do double the damage every single day because I rely on heated styling tools to manage my style. What can I do to increase the volume, add bounce, or at least go two days without having to repeat this damaging process? Any tips or advice?

-Straight as An Arrow

Dear Straight as an Arrow,

You are certainly right. Flat ironing your hair on the daily is very damaging. Especially when paired with blow dry styling too.

Our first suggestion is to try to make peace with your waves at least a few days per week (perhaps on weekends). Giving your hair a much needed break will help decrease the daily damage you already know you’re doing.

Next, be sure you’re using a volumizing and conditioning shampoo and moisturizer. You should avoid strong lathers and sulfates as much as possible. Sulfates will strip your hair of its much needed moisture, and that actually contributes to the problem of locks going limp.

A protein spray misted onto towel-dried hair will help strengthen your locks. Before drying you should also using a volumizing spray at the roots to increase body.

Blow dry your hair with a nozzle so that heat is directed exactly where it needs to be. Make sure to lift up at the roots to increase body volume. When you’re using your flat iron, don’t go straight up to the scalp. Start the ironing process several inches from your roots, and that should help keep some lift in your style. You can try pulling your hair into a high bun at night time to add some volume. Hopefully that will extend your straight style for an extra day. Thanks for writing and best of luck!

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