5 Hair Colors You Love to Hate

Are you guilty of being a hater? The following 5 hair colors might have you a little green with envy. Because, come on, you don’t really hate pink hair. I mean, can you?

1. Red Heads- Topping the list of hair colors you love to hate is red. This sassy and fiery little number gets under your skin every time. When your boyfriend brings up his ex-girlfriend, the room gets heated when you find out she was a red. You want to be her. You’ve tried with dye and the label lied. It faded after a week. You hate red heads, and rightfully so.

2. Blondes- Of course you hate blondes. That’s why you tell blonde jokes. If you are a blonde you already know that everyone is jealous so you have to deal with ignorant insults to your intelligence. But that’s ok because you have blonde hair and everyone just wants to be like you, so they’re mad. Rightfully so.

3. Purple- You don’t like purple hair because you aren’t under twenty anymore. Or, you might be much older and you actually have purple hair so you recognize that you’re on the list of 5 hair colors people love to hate. People actually TELL you they hate your hair… even your own grandma (maybe your [not] best friend [anymore].) You attract haters and you just don’t understand why. Your hair is purple and people should really just be ok with it.

4. Grey- People with grey hair are not safe from the evil eye, either. Women are constantly
jealous of grey hair. From Richard Gere to Meryl Streep, women everywhere want to have perfect grey hair once they go grey. And some much earlier, hence the granny grey hair trend that’s still alive and kicking. No matter how popular Granny’s tresses might be, grey hair is still a much-hated color. Whether you’re covering it or coveting it.

5. Pink- People have it all wrong and think everybody “loves” pink, but they don’t. Everybody hates pink hair color, too. The only person that should be allowed pink hair is Frenchie from the musical Grease. That is all. Because her hair color is a mistake, yours is actually a mistake too. At least that’s what the haters think.

These 5 hair colors are secretly the reason people love to hate you. And that’s exactly why you shouldn’t change a thing.