Why Your Pinterest Hair Tutorial Didn’t Work

Are you wondering why your Pinterest hair tutorial didn’t work? (OK. Failed miserably.)
You’re not alone. Thousands of women have stood in front of mirrors bobby pins in hand, only to find themselves at the mercy of a cruel and inaccurate headline declaring how “Easy!” and “Fast!” said hairstyle would be. The truth is hairstyling is an art and you need to know a few basic things before you can just step right up with full confidence and pull off any hair style in mind. Here’s a few tips that will help you master Pinterest hair tutorials. At home. Alone. And without going crazy.

1. Second Day Hair- Second day hair is always easier to work with because it has natural oils, a roughed up hair follicle, and a little volume which will help you grip and hold your style. If you absolutely must wash your hair the day of styling, use a texturizing spray and don’t flatten your tresses with a straightening iron. Waves are good for updos.

2. Bobby Pins and Hair Pins- Many gals opt for good old drugstore bobby pins and while they will suffice, they aren’t stylist-worthy. Instead, opt for hairpins and learn how to insert them into your hair properly. Local beauty suppliers have higher-quality bobby pins than a retail grocer or superstore. Go to where the professionals shop if you want professional results.

3. Hairspray- If you’re doing a quick roller-set, always spray your tresses before rolling. Hairspray will add volume to your set and also help the rollers grip better. Another trick is to spritz your bobby and hair pins with hairspray so that they also grip better.

4. Be Realistic- If you go into a Pinterest hair tutorial with unrealistic expectations you’re bound to be disappointed. Hair types are all very different. Flat tresses, long tresses, lots of volume, no volume, etc. all play part in the success of your hair style. Take the tutorials with a grain of salt and use them as inspiration. Not an exact guide.

5. Master Using Both Hands- Even the most basic hairstyle requires you to be coordinated with both hands. Hand exercises will help increase your strength. Try blow drying your hair with the opposite hand and learn to master your brush in either. Having two working hands will prove much better than one whenever you tackle an “easy” Pinterest hair tutorial.