Top 5 Hair Myths You Should Never Believe

The following top 5 hair myths you should NEVER believe, top our list of ridiculous claims. The more you know, the better your hair! Take it from us…

1. Regular Trims Increase Growth- While we certainly believe in the power of a good haircut, we know that regular trims can not make hair longer, simply because hair grows from the root. In fact, removing length at your next trim will likely remove any growth that occured over the past several months. If you REALLY want long tresses, you might want to schedule fewer trims, and even less color services.

2. You Need to Change Shampoos- If you’ve faced the hard sale at the bowl, you may have heard your stylist tell you that you need to switch up your cleansing routine over time by changing shampoos. Not true! Your current shampoo will not stop working efectivley no matter how long you favor it. In the event you experience greasy roots or build-up, alternate with a clarifying shampoo.

3. Repeat Shampoos- It’s even on the bottle! Shampoo, rinse, and shampoo again. Nonsense. One cleanse and a thorough rinse is plenty, unless you went trekkin in the mud. Save your cash and your product.

4. Comb from Roots to Ends– And snap! That’s exactly what happens to fine fragile hair when you comb from the bottom down. Instead, always detangle your hair SLOWLY from the bottom working to the mid-section, and then finally the scalp. This is how your hairdresser does it. Watch next time.

5. Split Ends Can Be Repaired- With this magical potion, serum, cream, and, well, forget about it. It can’t be done. Split ends are a lost cause that can only ever be snipped off or smoothed down temporarily. So there’s no need to mend anything, or waste your money at that! Opt for quality conditioners, professional hair cuts, and cut heat-styling usage to prevent future splits.