Top 5 French Beauty Secrets

It’s no wonder gals everywhere are intrigued by French women. Their effortless beauty is admirable and quite mysterious.

We’ve narrowed down a list of the top five French Beauty Secrets so that you can capture the look of a glamorous Parisian. These product tips are easily accessible, affordable, and won’t break the bank. (Save that hard-earned cash for a pair of shoes instead!) Voila.

1. Signature Scent- One of the top 5 French beauty secrets is to adopt a signature scent. You should wear this fragrance everywhere so that you leave a little trail of loveliness wherever you go. Guerlain Shalimar, Chanel No.5 and even Stella by Stella McCartney make popular choices. Spray a vintage handkerchief with your fragrance and toss it in your clutch for even more staying power.

2. Soft Lips- Chapped lips are a big no-no. Never apply lipstick over bare lips. A nourishing lip balm sets the stage for those iconic red lips you’ll be applying next. Keep tubes of lip balm everywhere, and always apply before bedtime.

3. Red Lips- Ditch the fussy lip liners and 2 step applications. All you need is a quick sweep of red and you’re off. Check out Revlon’s Really Red. Done.

4. Bed Head- French ladies love their bed head. Going several days in between cleansing helps to distribute the natural oil in your hair,ensuring your locks stay shiny and healthy. Here’s a tip, bend at the waist and flip your head over and brush from your neck to the top of your head. Shake! Now grab a scarf or a strand of pearls.

5. Soft Skin- In addition to soft lips and easy makeup, the most well-known of the top 5 French beauty secrets is smooth and clear skin. Invest in quality skincare products and splurge on a Clarisonic facial cleansing system. Your face should be glowing and natural. After all, no French gal wants to take away from her effortlessly chic wardrobe. (But that’s a whole other story.)