To Dye For Winter 2015 Hair Color Trends

No matter whether you are a brunette, blonde, redhead, or are rocking purple hair, there are many to dye for winter 2015 hair color trends that are worth checking out. Some are revinvented classics, others are a fusion of ombre and lowlighting techniques. Get inspired and contact your colorist. Your hair deserves to be the best-tressed this season.

Bronde- Also known as tortoiseshell hair color, the bronde hair color trend is one of the mst popular looks to hit the runway. What exactly is it? In short, it’s basically just highlights appled throughout a light brown base. This low-mainentance color trend is an ideal pic if you don’t like frequent salon visits, or if you’re the type who is confident in dappling with at-home highlighting techniques.

Creamy Yellow- Creamy yellow is a mellow take on light blonde. Not quite platinum and softer than gold, creamy yellow is also a fairly wearable shade that works well on olive and warm skin tones. Best left to the professional colorist, lightest golden hues are one of the few hair color trends that natural brunettes can wear without wondering if their blonde is too brassy, too ash, or too white. The little bit of gold left in the color formulation will keep you from feeling washed out in winter.

Cinnamon- Spice up your vibrant red haircolor this winter with a warmer shade of roja. Ask your colorist to add copper to your red haircolor formula and you’ll be right on trend with a fiery hue that flatters nearly every skintype. What girl doesn’t want to try being a redhead, at least once?

Cool Chestnut- Winter wouldn’t be winter without a few warm nut-based hair colors. Traditional bruennete get a kick of golden undertones to neutralize and freshen their motlen hues.

Brunette with Red- If you’re on the fence about going red, this new color trend might be for you. Ask your colorist to add red to your brunette tresses to warm up and richen your locks. Dark browns paired with auburns are a welcome and surprising trend this upcoming winter season.

With so many fabulous hair color trends this winter, which will you choose? Contact Juldan Salon today for a color consultation and get ready to warm things up as things get chilly.