Summer Hair Care Tips for Red Hair

Summer is here and that only means one thing, it’s time to go on a trip! If you’re planning on a getaway, you’re probably busy packing up some of the things you’ll need for your travels. This includes your basic necessities for the duration of your vacation. While it’s fun to sort your wardrobe possibilities, always remember to bring the right hair products to help give your hair the vitamins it needs to be nourished, despite the scorching sun’s rays.

If you are a red head, you need to be all the more selective about the products you use on your hair to make sure that it will improve your tresses and not dry them out. Since the sun has some disastrous effects on the scalp and hair, it is no surprise why so many redheaded women religiously make time to take care of their hair.

What Happens if You Expose Your Hair to the Sun?

How bad is it really to leave your hair exposed to the sun for a prolonged number of hours? For redheads, direct exposure to the sun’s UVA and UVB rays can be a very bad idea. If done frequently, you could expose the melatonin in your hair to react with the harmful rays of the sun. As a result, it removes your natural hair color in an irreversible chemical reaction. This also damages the keratin in your hair, which is the protein and cuticle that keeps your hair alive.

Even if you do not expose your hair to the sun, it could still get damaged. This is because of the chlorine in pool water or chloride content found in sea water. These lead to chemical reaction attacks the shaft of your hair strands as well as the cortex. Hair can also be discolored as an effect of scalp burns, which means that your hair’s follicles and surrounding skin could get damaged.

Because of these things, it might be tempting to stay indoors and avoid the sun altogether, especially if you’re a redhead. Nonsense! You can still get some R&R under the sun as long as you know how to properly take care of your hair, specifically for the summer season. Here are a few tips to follow that will protect your scarlet ends.

Tip #1: Don’t forget to use a leave-in conditioner spray

If you will be exposed to the sun for a full day, make sure that you apply a leave-in conditioner along with your sunscreen. You should also apply the product after you get wet. The conditioner will act like an extra protective layer against the heat, which will shield your hair from the harmful UV rays the sun radiates. Check out a leave-in conditioner product that helps restore the pH level in your hair.

Tip #2: Use oil on your hair

One of the best products that you can use on your hair is coconut oil. You can use it on your hair and re-apply it anytime throughout the day. In doing so, you’ll protect and nourish your hair even if you are outside on a hot summer day. Apart from coconut oil, there are oil blends that you can try using. If you are looking for one, seek a product that contains either hemp seed oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, or others. Oils will keep your hair looking shiny, healthy, and nourished throughout the day.

Tip #3: Have a SPF hair protectant

This is pretty self-explanatory. While you may not always have a bottle on hand, the good news is, you can make one for yourself. All you have to do is to mix a tablespoon of sunscreen along with one cup of water. Pour this mixture inside a spray bottle. You can then carry around the spray bottle and apply the mix to your scalp and hair, for quick protection against the sun. Or you can also opt to pick out a product that you can use whenever you don’t feel like making one.

Tip #4: Before going to the pool, apply a hair mask

On a hot summer day there’s really no comparing to the feeling of being able to sit by the pool and just relax. If you don’t have any plans of getting wet, you can still make sure your hair stays healthy while you are sunbathing. You can make use of a hair mask to help with heat activation. It is a great way you can prevent any damage that could be brought about by the harmful rays of the sun. Unfortunately, hair masks generally have a thicker consistency compared to a hair spray. It also requires more maintenance to use and apply on your hair. Because of this, it is not usually widely used. You have to choose the product that you are most comfortable using while you expose yourself to the hot rays of the sun.

Tip #5: Don’t forget a color depositing shampoo

After being exposed to the sun for several hours, the next thing you should do is to take a long shower and use a color depositing shampoo. Although this is generally an optional product, you should use it on your hair if it is lightening a bit. The product will make sure that your hair does not fade with repeat exposure. You can buy these shampoos and conditioners in a variety of colors. Pick out a color that is most perfect for your natural hair color, and lather up.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to get the help you need in making sure your red hair stays healthy and nourished during the hot summer season.