New Year Resolutions for Beautiful Hair

The following New Years resolutions for beautiful hair will have you on the path to gorgeous locks all through 2016.

1. Make a Hair Appointment- OK, shopping is all done. The budget is busted. We get it! But guess what? Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and now is the time to pretty up your hairstyle. Book an appointment mid-January and start the new year off with highlights, brondes, ombres, or a ravishing red.

2. Stop Washing Daily- It’s OK to skip a shampoo, like three days in a row. Minimize the damage you’re doing to your tresses by halting your regular cleansing routine. Washing your hair every other day will prevent damage, color fading, and add some much needed bounce and texture to day old braids and bed head styles.

3. Buy a Good Brush- Much of the damage done to your tresses can be attributed to your hairbrush. Are your bristles wreaking havoc on your split ends? A boar bristle blended with nylon is one of the best combinations of materials for all hair types. Remember to brush daily, and start from the ends to the scalp while you dentangle.

4. Ditch the Box Color- We all know box color is more affordable than a salon service, but what price are you really willing to pay when it comes to your hair? Set aside a small amount of each paycheck for a couple months, and you should be well on your way to booking a professional hair coloring service. Make your hair expense a priority just as you would your clothes, makeup, and your…ahem…coffee? Looking good feels good.

5. Accept Your Hair Type- Is 2016 the year to finally make peace with your locks? If you’ve been fighting curls, frizz, unruly bangs, or over-processed tresses, maybe 2016 is your year to finally make peace with whatever it is you simply can’t change. For anything else, there’s always your stylist! Contact Juldan Salon today for an appointment or a consultation. Whether it’s a bold new hair color or a gorgeous set of hair extensions, we’re ready to make you even more beautiful this year.