How to Rock Middle-Parted Bangs

Middle-parted bangs have many inspirations from seventies hippie style to the sexy and bohemian beach vibe every gal seems to love. Here’s how you can rock them, whether you have a round face, heart-shape, or more prominent facial features. Center-parted bangs are a very versatile way to wear your hair, especially if you’re trying to grow it out. Follow these tips below and you’ll emphasize your cheekbones with very little effort.

Tip 1- Your stylist will need to help you get the right style for wearing middle-parted bangs so that they lay properly and work with your hair type and any specific challenges. Ask her for an arced-fringe that frames your face.

Tip 2- Let your hair fall where it will. Forcing it into a middle-part is never the best idea. Slightly off center provides a very similar result, while supporting the natural direction of your hair.

Tip 3- Pin back- If you’re in the process of growing out your hair it might not be quite long enough for a middle-parted style. Bobby pins and hair clips can hold your fringe into place until it is long enough to hold its own. A spritz of hairspray will also help support your style and provide some hold. Rollers and volumizing spray will add some height and fullness, creating a fashionable seventies inspired style.