What Your Hair Style Reveals About You

What does your hair style reveal about you?

You already know impressions are everything. Our style tells the world a bit about who we are, what we might like to do, and even what we’re good at. Here’s the lowdown on what your haircut might scream from the top of your head. Paired with our secret confessions. In other words, why we wish we could be you…

Short or Pixie– You are just plain brave. Our hats go off to any woman who has the confidence and the spirit to wear a style that embraces her true beauty. From buzzed cuts to longer pixies, we will always love the strong, analytical, and carefree woman who is hardly a slave to her style. Confession: We want you to take us shopping.

Medium- Ladies with mid-length tresses are a force to be reckoned with. By day, she can wear her bangs tucked behind her ears, by night she looks fierce as she rocks a bob full of curls. She doesn’t want long and she doesn’t want short. This gal wants it both ways. And you know what? That’s really pretty clever. We like your versatility, and the way you think. Confession: Secretly we want you to organize our closets.

Long- Sure it could be a security blanket. Maybe you are afraid if you “cut” your hair you’ll lose some of your feminine appeal? There’s plenty to be said about a gal who can wear braids, ponytails, buns and tendrils. Some girls even grow their locks to Rapunzel-length and then donate inches to Locks of Love. No matter your reason for wearing long hair, you are lovely. And the world needs more people like that. Confession: Now teach us how to bake!

Curly- Curly girls have learned to embrace life, and also their locks. Quirks and all, curly girls are full of charisma, often artistic, and tend to think a little bit out of the whorl. Have you been fighting your go-getter spirit? Sure, a Brazilian blowout can smooth your tendrils and cut down on styling time, but there’s something to be said about a girl that can look a curl in the face and say…I win! Confession: We’d like to run that next marathon with you…but we’ll be in the salon, getting a texturizing service. (Rain check?)

No matter your style, we think you’re just gorgeous. Need to lighten your load? Book a cutting service with one of our stylists. Need to add some length? We’re just a phone call away. Contact Juldan Salon today.