Why Your Hair Might Be Falling Out

There are certain things we can do that cause our hair to begin falling out. Provided you aren’t diagnosed with illness or taking medications that might contribute to hair loss, this might be the reason you’re losing strands by the second. (Or at least feel like you are.)

Hair Can Only Take So Much Abuse

Hair is pretty forgiving if you think about it. We style it daily, color it, coat it with products, and expose it to harsh environmental conditions each day. Without apology. While hair can withstand most of the abuse, there comes a time when enough is enough. Your hair might be falling out by your OWN hands.

Your Scalp Isn’t Healthy

Hair is ultimately dependent on the health of its scalp. Your hair grows from the scalp. If the skin on your head isn’t healthy, your hair won’t be healthy either. When people shampoo their hair the common goal is to get it clean. But, if done improperly, shampoo and product can build-up on your scalp, causing dryness, itchiness, and a layer of dead skin cells that can embedded on the skin. This build-up significantly inhibits healthy hair growth.

While not every hair professional agrees to shampooing daily, there’s an importance in ensuring your skin is actually clean. Using a deep cleaning shampoo or exfoliant while incorporating regular scalp massage might help prevent hair loss while improving the condition of the scalp.

You’re Stressed

Forget the massage. As this point stress might even cause your hair to begin falling out. Stress contributes to most major illnesses, so try to lower your stress levels and find some inner-peace before your hair wears the evidence of inner chaos. If you’re experiencing hair loss, this fear can increase your stress levels and make the condition worse. Understand what’s going on in your world and how it might be contributing to hair loss. Whether it’s a major life change, a new job, or relationship woes, if there’s something amiss, your hair can start falling out because of your tension, fear, and worry. Yoga, meditation, therapy, long walks, and scalp massage can all decrease the symptoms of stress while preventing further hair loss.

You Don’t Live a Healthy Lifestyle

No judgement here, but an unhealthy lifestyle can contribute to hair loss. If you’re drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, living off of soda, and not so much as take a sip of water, then your unhealthy lifestyle could be to blame if your hair is falling out.

Improving your overall health will prevent further loss while you feel great. Start eating clean if possible and limit your use of cigarettes, any recreational drugs, and alcohol. Excercise, get a good night’s sleep, and spend Friday night at home once in a while.

Who Treats Hair Loss?

Hair loss can be caused by underlying disease. While your hairdresser might be able to provide her opinion on the cause of loss based on your lifestyle, grooming patterns, and chemical treatments, it’s always best to play it safe rather than sorry and visit an endrocrinologist or dermatologist first. Once you’ve ruled out any health-related illness you can begin working with your care provider as well as your hairdresser to implement important changes that will improve your scalp and prevent future hair loss.

If you’re experiencing significant hair loss, we can help. Juldan Salon specializes in hair extension services in Dallas. We also work with hair pieces and wigs so that you can feel confident and beautiful no matter where you’re at on your hair loss journey. Book an appointment today and stop looking at those strands in the sink. There IS something you can do to improve your confidence and to help you feel your best. Call today!