How to Go Back to Your Natural Hair Color Roots

Is it time to go back to your natural hair color roots?

Perhaps you’ve over-processed your tresses and are ready to opt for a lower-maintenance hair color routine. Or, maybe decided that although life as a blonde was fun, it didn’t justify the expense or time spent in your colorist’s chair.

Either way, going back to your natural hair color roots is a job best suited for the professional. Did you know your colorist can creatively blend your old and new color together to make the journey back to your roots a little more gradual?

Color Blending Helps the Grow Out Process

If you wish to revert to your natural hair color roots, why not consider a color blending or melting service rather than an allover process? Not only will the results look more natural, you won’t be in “shock” when you look in the mirror and see the vast difference of a before and after. This is especially helpful if you’re changing from blonde to brown, or a fashionable red, going back to black. Are you a candidate for a variation in color? Book an appointment with your colorist, and be sure to ask the following questions.

Things to Consider

Re-highlighting- Once you make a major color change, you’ll want to ask your colorist what happens if you decide to add more highlights down the road. Will your new color lift properly? Will the services be even more damaging? Can your hair handle it? Your colorist can analyze the condition of your hair and offer his best advice based on your circumstances.

Time- Your schedule is another thing to consider. Corrective or lengthy hair coloring services might take more time than you’d expect. Don’t schedule a highlighting appointment and then show up to the chair with a magazine filled with pictures that show depth and variation. If your colorist needs more time you need to give it to her. Call ahead or book a consultation first to discuss the procedure and the appropriate timeframe.

Cost- In addition to the time in the chair, your colorist might treat your new color request as a corrective color service. Especially if a few steps in the color journey were caused by poor choices or at-home boxed color jobs.

Trust that your colorist has to formulate a new hair color concoction, and she also needs adequate time to apply it, and be she has to be prepared for any surprises along the way. Her time is valuable. When she books your appointment you can also discuss costs. It’s OK to save the service for a later date if need-be, but don’t pull a no-show or get color feed when you go back to your natural hair color roots. After all, you never know when you might need her to add those summer highlights she did so well!