How to Get Rose Gold Hair

Take off those rosey glasses. Despite the many Instagrams and Pinterest tutorials on how to get rose gold hair at home, the follow expert advice proves that going pink isn’t so peachy unless you know what you’re doing. Still clamoring for the secret process?

How to Get Rose Gold Hair

The good news: nearly everyone is a candidate for wearing rose gold hair. This pinky hue is a hair color trend that has no end in sight. Perfect year round, rosey hair is not quite as shocking as baby or neon hues, so it screams a bit of sophistication along with fun, at the same time.

Unless you have natural platinum or blonde hair, your stylist will have to bleach your tresses to achieved the desired shade of pale first. At bare minimum you should be at a light golden base before a rose gold tone is applied to change the color of your hair. This means your colorist will either apply lightener from scalp to ends, or use a series of highlighting foils to lift hair to desired level.

Once a rose gold toner is applied your colorist will allow it to process thoroughly so that your lightened hair will evenly absorb the soft pinky gold cast. Maintaining your precious new hue will take some work at home. You’ll want to avoid washing your hair as often as possible, and rely on dry shampoos as best you can in-between. If you’re not fond of a dry shampoo, read our tips and convert.

Will Rose Gold Hair Fade?

All hair colors fade and this is especially true for pinks and reds. A rosey toned shampoo or color-depositing conditioner will work to maintain your hair color in between salon visits. In addition you should limit your exposure to the outdoor elements by avoiding chlorine and salt water, and by donning a sun hat when you’re soaking up the rays. Depending on your color application process you might need to visit the salon every 3-4 weeks to keep your rosey hair blushing.

Do Not Try Rose Gold Hair Color at Home

Easy as it might seem, coloring your hair a rose gold hue at home can result in disaster. Bleed marks, inconsistent lifting, and spotty toner application, to say the least. An expert colorist will ensure your hair color is lifted to the required level with the least amount of damage, prior to pinking you out.

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