How to Deal with Hair Breakage

Oh snap! There goes another one. The following tips will show you how to deal with hair breakage, so you can stop taking the abuse out on your hair. Put the brush down.

What Causes Hair Breakage

Hair breakage is the result of too much stress. Depending on how strong and nourished your hair is, determines how much it can tolerate before it breaks off. Brittle hair can be caused by medications, stress, underlying medical issues, etc. But most often it is self-inflicted. If you have fine or brittle tresses and you over process them with chemicals and excessive heat, chances are high your hair will eventually fall apart in bits and pieces. This end result, no matter the cause, is called hair breakage.

How to Deal with Hair Breakage

Immediate action is necessary once you begin experiencing hair breakage to prevent further damage, and restore the health of your hair.

Stop Heat Styling

The easiest and fastest way to save your stresses is to stop exposing them to environmental stress. Stop heat styling your hair for as long as possible. Even if that’s just a couple of days a week. Learn different ways to handle your hair in a natural state, and experiment with hair accessories as need be to create a variety of looks.

Stop Coloring Your Hair

Bleach is by far the most damaging chemical you can put on your hair. If you’re highlighting frequently or opting for a full head of platinum hair, damage is inevitable. You’ll need to make the decision to have either long and healthy hair or shorter hair that’s colored or bleached. If you’re okay with having long-term hair breakage, you might fall anywhere in the middle. Many people have beautiful hair colors and styles despite a not-so-peachy hair health. Mindful hair management and frequent salon visits can help prevent further breakage while maintaining your color, should you decide not to stop.

At-Home Care for Hair Breakage

At home deep conditioning and oil treatments can both do wonders for your hair. Invest in a high quality product that also repairs the hair shaft for immediate results. Whenever you venture outside, wear a floppy hat, and coat tresses with a protective oil during prolonged periods in the sun. By all means ditch the ball caps, which can increase hair breakage and actually promote premature hair loss. Instead, a sun hat and a wide tooth comb should always be packed, alongside a heat protective treatment, whenever you hit the pool or the beach.

Make Sundays your beauty day and work an at-home pedicure, manicure, and hair treatment session into your afternoon plans. You’ll feel gorgeous and groomed the rest of the week, and you’ll slowly be treating your hair breakage.

Stop Coloring Your Hair at Home

The simple reason people color their hair at home is because it’s affordable. Followed by, why the heck not? Very few people can successfully color their hair without the aid of another set of hands, eyes at the back, and a chemist who understands color, as well as chemical reaction. A professional colorist understands formula, the law of color, how hair reacts, and how to stop processing safely and correctly. They also understand how to avoid color over-lapping, and what developer show best be used throughout the strand. Most at-home mistakes happen because boxes of hair color make everything look so simple. Try it once. And then book a professional appointment.

If you are experiencing excessive hair breakage and are using at home colorants or dyes such as henna, be advised you are coating the hair shaft and weakening it. While experimenting with at-home color is a rite of passage, and tempting when you’re in dire straits, it really does pay just to save your money and have your hair coloring done right by a professional.

Stay Loyal to Your Stylist

Now that you’ve got yourself into a bind with hair breakage, you need to enlist a team of experts to help you prevent any further. Unless of course, your stylist is guilty of damaging your hair. In that case you need to find another stylist and act quickly to aid in the damage that’s been done.

A hairdresser who knows your hair’s condition, and the damage it has been through, will be your best line of defense when dealing with hair breakage. Visit your stylist as frequently as they suggest, and discover new ways to style your hair, or perhaps even change the cut, to remedy the situation. Sometimes something so small such as changing your part can temporarily hide hair breakage. Trust your stylist and your colorist’s opinion, as they truly have your hair’s best interest, at heart.

Hair breakage is a dissapointing side effect that can occur for many different reasons. If your tresses are snapping, these tips will help reduce the stress that continues to cause the breakage, as well as help you cope with the damage that can’t be undone. Good news? Hair always grows back. Unless of course you are balding, and we have some tips for that too.

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