5 Ways to Make Your Hair Style Patriotic

Do you want to make your hair style patriotic this Fourth of July? The following quick and easy hair inspirations will make a boom long before they sizzle out.

1. Bandanas- What could be more patriotic than wearing a bandana? Simply tie the stars and stripes around your forehead, or rock a Rosie the Riveter do rag complete with old Americana pin curls.

2. Ribbons- If you’d rather add a dose of pretty to your longer hairstyle, why not wrap red, white and blue ribbons in your braids? Tied at the bottom of a fishtail or woven within the plaits, a beribboned style is the perfect way to make your hair patriotic.

3. Hair Color- Temporary hair color spray is an affordable way to make a bold patriotic statement. Divide your hair into sections and spray red, white, and blue throughout. Or, opt for a single hair color and add the other two with wardrobe or accessory choices.

4. Barrettes- Add some stars to your tresses with starry themed hair accessories. A single star makes hair patriotic and is also a useful investment you can wear on nearly any other special occasion as well.

5. Flower Halos- While the flower headband trend was a staple in the summer of 2014, you can keep the trend in bloom by opting for patriotic floral crown this year as well. Craft your own halo from artificial flowers in the Americana theme and you’ll look beautiful and fresh all through the finale.