5 Things to Know Before Coloring Your Hair

Are you still a hair color virgin? The following 5 things you need to know before coloring your hair help might help you decide whether or not you should take the plunge, or stay where it’s safe.

1. Coloring Your Hair is Damaging- This might seem pretty obvious, but many people are not aware how coloring your hair can damage it. Whether or not you opt for permanent hair color, temporary hair color or highlights, it will be damaging. If you absolutely LOVE you hair, how soft it is, its current condition, and the shine, you can say thanks to your virgin locks- and keep them.

2. You Might Hate How it Looks- If you’ve dreamed about being a blonde or a redhead you might not like the way you look once the deed is done. Not every hair color will flatter your complexion and skin tone. You should really test out different hair swatches against your skin and ask your colorist for her opinion. Better yet try on some wigs and see how varied hair colors look.

3. Ditch Cheap Products- Adding to the bill of colored hair is professional shampoos and conditioners. No longer can you wash and condition your hair with drugstore beauty brands. You’ll find the harsh sulfates will strip your color faster than you can tip your colorist for a job well done. If you’re going to invest in a vibrant color, you need to protect it.

4. Roots will Happen- Your hair will start to show roots at the rate at which it grows. Some people can go 4-6 weeks between touch-ups, some can only go 2-3 without being bothered by the outgrowth. If you’re a hair perfectionist that can’t stand the idea of having your natural hue make an appearance, you need to consider the cost of more frequent salon visits.

5. You Might Love It- Do blondes really have more fun? Has becoming a redhead made you fiery? Is being a brunette, girl-next-door, your dream come true? One thing you need to know before you color your hair is that you might LOVE the new you. And as you reinvent yourself you’ll likely change your clothes, your makeup, perhaps your friends, and maybe even ditch your boyfriend. Good riddance!

After all, a girl who radically changes her hair color, is about to change her life.

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