5 Things to Ask Yourself Before You Get a Haircut

The following five things to ask yourself before you get a haircut can help you achieve desirable results without any hair style regrets. Whether it’s a major life change that has prompted your interest in something different, or if it’s just time to switch things up, make sure you make the cut for the right reasons.

1. Do You Have Time for Your New Style?
There’s nothing wrong with wanting a new hairstyle, or one that looks more polished. The problem lies when you opt for a new haircut and later decide you don’t have the time to deal with it.

Certain hairstyles will require more styling, such as layers for example. If you opt for a heavy layered haircut and don’t intend to blowdry and place the layers as intended, then the style will never look the way its supposed to at home. Your hairdresser should help you decide whether a haircut will work with your natural hair type. But even then it’s up to you to ask your hairstylist what it takes to maintain the look at home. From specialized styling products and tools to a styling technique, at-home results will require in-salon commitments to maintain the change. Are you willing to do that?

2. Will You Look Better?

This is a difficult question to ask ourselves because it can be hard to separate what we want from what might look or work best for us. Some haircuts are necessary and can’t be chosen to flatter or enhance the appearance. But given the option, your hairstyle should strive to beautify and carefully highlight your special features. If your current hairstyle looks lovely on you, making an unnecessary or drastic change might take away from your physical attractiveness. This is the result of what many women call the infamous “bad haircut”. Before you change your style TOO much, ask yourself if what you already have is flattering, and consider how to make it even better, rather than worse. Extreme changes don’t always product the best results, and once it’s done-it’s done.

3. Can You Afford It?

Don’t make the mistake of opting for a haircut or hair color you can’t afford. In-salon hair coloring services are a requirement for maintaining a color change. If you go from a partial head of highlights to a full-blown platinum blonde, your salon visits will increase significantly. If your pocketbook shrivels at the thought, you should rethink any major hair change or hair color plans. Ask your hair colorist what coloring options are suitable for your budget. Go ahead and be honest with yourself and be upfront so that you can select a shade and a technique that can be maintained on a regular basis at a rate you can afford to pay.

4. Will Your Partner Like It?

Girlpower, self-confidence and self-acceptance aside, before you get a haircut you should ask yourself if your partner will like it. At least put it into consideration. This is especially true if you go from long locks to a short crop, or from blonde roots to a raven hue. There’s going to be some shock value in a drastic change and your partner is going to have a reaction to it. A warning, a hint, some sort of feeling things out will help you decide whether or not your partner will like your new look. And after that it’s OK if he or she doesn’t. That’s the part where you really are the only one that has to be happy. But it is considerate to expect that your partner will have some sort of feeling about anything major that you do to your appearance. It sounds shallow and it is, but it’s true.

5. Do You Need a New Outfit, or Chocolate, or a Vacation?

When a woman desires a new haircut she is sending the message to the universe that she is wanting and willing to embrace change. That’s a wonderful and empowering inspiration to send out into the world. When we start thinking about a new haircut there can be many things off. Some of which are much more minor. Have you had your shopping fix lately? Maybe indulged in a chocolate cupcake without remorse? When was the last time you got a pedicure or a manicure? If you’re wanting to make a great big change with your haircut, you might be ready for it- or you might just be craving something out of your daily norm. Why not try everything else, and then call your hairstylist when you’re ready to make the change?

Deciding On a New Look

Once you decide that you’re ready for a cut after answering these 5 things to ask yourself before you get a haircut, it’s time to book an appointment with your hairdresser. Once you’re in the chair you can share pictures and ideas with her to determine what new hairstyle will achieve those results on your personal hair type, based on your hair’s specific needs.

If you don’t have a clue what new look you should go for but still desire a drastic change, make sure you request extra time with your stylist when you book the appointment. A thorough consultation will be necessary if you have no general idea what you want to do with your new hairstyle. Keep in mind your stylist may also suggest a combination of a new haircut and a hair color. A consultation prior to booking your actual service appointment will ensure you request the allotted time necessary for her recommended suggestions.

Getting a new haircut is a fun and exciting experience. When you have you heart set on change it’s a beautiful thing. Allow yourself enough time to consider what cuts you really like and are naturally attracted to, and reflect back upon some of the times in your life when you felt your hair looked its best. Chances are, you probably already know what looks best on you. You can combine that look with something new for a most flattering, modern haircut.

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