5 Basic Rules for a Stylish Lady

It’s not just your hair or your makeup. It’s that crumpled mess of a skirt that’s looked better on the hanger for the past ten years. No matter how hard you try to get it together, you always feel a little defeated in the name of vain. The following 5 basic style rules you should never break will keep you astray from all those beauty mishaps that (no matter how grown up you feel), will always make you look UNDONE.

1. Tame Your Hair. Ribbons, Bows, high ponytails. Whatever. The first rule for a stylish lady is to always have her hair done. Or at least looking kept. If you have medium to long hair you can set your hair in hot rollers and tease it into a loose sexy updo, Bridget Bardot style. Or keep things sleek with a low bun. Short haired ladies should style as usual and rely on texturizing products or a dry shampoo to add sexy body and movement to second day behead style. A tamed hairstyle is the most crucial step in looking pulled together. Book your salon appointment regularly and keep up with trims to maintain the health and integrity of your hair.

2. Avoid Trends.
Learn what looks best on you and identify the styles that you gravitate to season after season. Avoid spending money on fad clothing and trendy designers. Instead you should invest in basic pieces that work well into your style of dress. Understanding your personal look and staying consistent with it will help you avoid a last minute regret purchase that you never wore. And can’t anymore. Because it’s out of fashion.

3. Tailor Your Clothing.
A well-kept lady wears clothing that fits her well. This means hemlines. If you buy the majority of your clothing off the rack then you already have an opportunity right now to define your style with more ladylike class. Improving the basic fit of all your wardrobe staples will make you look 100 percent better in everything you wear. If you buy off-season styles or shop at discount stores you can easily justify the additional tailoring expense and it will be so worth it! Sizing is everything.

4. Be Impeccable.
It’s a full-time job being a lady. There’s a lot of work involved and also a huge pay-off. When you look your best you’ll feel your best. This will make you more confident and outgoing, and that can open you to a new world of opportunities. Keep yourself looking perfectly groomed by wearing fresh manicures and pedicures and classic cosmetics such as a powerful red lipstick. You should also always wear perfume. A lady understands the importance of scent in the act of seduction. Find a fragrance that works well with your body’s natural chemistry and make it your signature. Spritz it wherever you hope to be kissed.

5. Be Happy. A happy woman is a beautiful woman. No matter how well-groomed you are or how stylish your hair, a happy woman is the sexiest woman of all. Embrace your quirks, nurture your dreams, and most importantly, love yourself. These 5 basic rules for a stylish lady will ensure you are always looking and feeling your Sunday best. You don’t have to be impeccably groomed all of the time, it’s just a chore not to be.