3 Tips for Booking a Hair Appointment

The following 3 tips for booking a hair appointment will ensure your stylist has enough time and information to get the job done right. The first time.

Tips to Follow When Booking a Hair Appointment

While many hair salons offer walk-in services, the majority will require a pre-booked appointment, especially if your hairdresser is popular and in-demand. Don’t show up with expectations, as dissapointment can quickly follow if you don’t take the time to book your hair appointment properly. This is what to do, and why you need to do it.

Be Thorough

In most cases whenever you contact a hair salon the front end management will accept the call, not your stylist. In front of her might be a computer or a scheduling book, but there’s literally nothing else to help assist her in blocking the adequete time necessary for your hair requests.

Just like most service-industry professionals, your stylist requires an allotted amount of time to do your hair. The last thing you want to do is show-up in a 30-minute block and request an allover color while you sit in the chair. Even if your stylist has the ability to accommodate your last minute request, chances are good another pre-booked patron will be waiting for their attention while they scramble to finish your hair. That’s not fair to anyone. Nobody wants a rush job.

When you book your appointment be thorough with the receptionist. If you need to add any services, ask your stylist to call you personally so that you can discuss concerns. Whether it’s a change in your tone or a re-do, or something as simple as a deep-conditioning treatment, you need to be very thorough while booking so that your stylist isn’t shocked with any last minute ideas.

Explain Your Hair’s Condition

There’s nothing worse than a client arriving at their hair appointment with high expectations for their damaged hair. Reality plays a very big role in what’s achievable within a certain time slot. If it all.

If you’re booking a color service it is always best to explain your hair’s current state to whoever is booking your hair appointment. Many coloring services are a two-step process. If you have extensive damage your colorist will require more time to correct it. For example, booking a highlight appointment and showing up with green-cast tresses is not the same thing as a regular highlight. If your hairdresser needs to fill your hair shaft or correct the underlying tone of your hair, there will be several chemical applications to make things right.

Failing to provide these seemingly minuscule details means that while your colorist may have the time to correct an undesirable tone, they might not be able to go back and add the highlights or the requested color on the same day. Save yourself the time and the disappointment by sharing as much details as you can about your hair’s condition.

Don’t Confuse a Hair Appointment with a Consultation

Nobody likes to feel rushed. Even if your hairdresser loves a challenge, you should never confuse her available time to talk with you with the amount of time they have to do it. Anytime you are considering a major hairstyle change, let your stylist know ahead of time. While this might mean booking an additional half-hour to your service time to accommodate haircut suggestions, you’ll both feel better when you have a solid plan before the appointment starts. If you’re new to the salon or stylist you should always book a free hair consultation first so that you can get to know each other and he can assess your hair type. While you might not want to travel to the shop twice, it’s much better to be prepared and feel confident about any major hairstyle changes.

When to Call and Cancel

In the event that you decide to cancel your hair appointment you should do so as soon as possible. Whether it’s an emergency or you’re simply going out of town, your stylist will appreciate advance notice so that she can free up the books. Don’t sit in rush hour traffic and expect to arrive 40 minutes late without the courtesy of a phone call. While we’ve all felt rushed and frantic arriving to appointments from time to time, you should have a fairly good amount of time (emergency aside) to notify your stylist if you change your mind. In addition, if you decide to leave off a coloring service and just opt for a cut instead, your stylist should know that too so they can book those several hours with other patrons.

The client and hairdresser relationship is an intimate one based on trust, reliability, satisfaction and consistency. These tips will ensure your relationship continues to grow, so that you can both get the most enjoyment out of your next hair appointment. Because let’s face it, it’s much more fun to spill your secrets to your hairdresser than it is to feel disappointed or ignored.

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