3 Spring Hair Masks for Shine and Vitality

Hair mask with olive oil

The olive oil hydrates your hair, and is the ideal product with which to maintain your hair during the spring-summer season. Warm-up 1.6oz. olive oil extra virgin and apply it to the hair. Cover the hair with a towel and let the olive oil treat it for around 20 minutes. Wash your hair very well, so it doesn’t stay greasy.

Hair mask with banana and yoghurt

This mask nurtures the damaged hair and returns it’s shine and vitality. Take half a banana and put it in with the mixer in half a cup of yoghurt and 3 spoons honey. Add a little bit of lemon juice. Apply to your hair and let it sit for around 15 minutes, afterwards wash it well.

Hair mask with vinegar

The apple vinegar returns the shine and the vitality of your hair. Mix 2-3 spoons of apple vinegar in 1 l. of lukewarm water and apply to washed hair. After 1-2 hours wash the hair well, so there’s no unpleasant aroma remaining.