2015 Hair Color Trends

The following 2015 hair color trends will amp up your tresses without making a style change. From metallic pastels to aubergine, it’s all about a little color and sheen. Which new hair color trend gets your spring vote?

1. Grey- If you’re naturally grey, there’s no need to hide it anymore. It’s time to officially embrace all those years of wisdom and be the silver foxy lady you are!

2. Merlot- Rich berry and hues make a deeper transition from the purple hair trend. (Which is so last year.) Remember red hair fades quickly, so plan on frequent salon visits.

3. Caramel Ombre- Ombre hair is still going strong. Except now, instead of blonde and brunette hues, caramel and orange make their spring debut.

4. Baby Highlights- Do you remember using Sun-In on your hair to gradually lighten it while you lounged? The new hair highlighting trend mimics the result of this effortlessly placed product. (Without the brassiness. Or the sun.)

5. Pastel Metallics- The alternative lifestyle niche is still pumping out fantastical haircoloring trends. For a unique spin on baby blues and rosy hues, consider a metallic pastel that has a touch of luminous to it.

6. Platinum- Does platinum hair EVER go out of vogue? We don’t think so. If you already have it, rock it. If you’re considering it, it’s best to book this high maintenance lifting service with a coloring professional.

(Because no matter which 2015 hair color trend you choose, botched at home color jobs are never in style!)