Solving Summer Hair Problems

The change of season is just around the corner and soon you might need to know how to solve any or all of the following summer hair problems. Protect your tresses when things heat up, and keep your cool with the following tips.

Combat Dry Hair- One of the most common summer hair problems is dry hair. Whether it’s from sun exposure, chlorinated pool water or the sea, hydrating shampoos and conditioners will help maintain the moisture level of your hair. Whenever possible opt for an in-salon conditioning service to help strengthen your hair shaft and increase shine.

Deal with Frizz- Curly girls know how difficult it can be to deal with frizz. Shine serums and leave-in conditioners are your best friend. Add a small amount to the palm of your hand and work a serum from scalp to ends. You might find skipping a blowout is the best thing if you’re dealing with heat and humidity. Instead, learn to love your curls and keep them tame and opt for a wavy hair day.

Fading Color- Fading hair color is a very common summer hair problem. Being outdoors and exposing your tresses to the elements can effect any professional color job. Be mindful of the sun and wear a hat. Especially if you want to limit the brassiness in your blonde, or prevent your red hair from fading out.

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