How to Rock a Side Buzz Cut

Are you wondering how to rock a side buzz cut? Just like a mullet, the side buzz cut trend is a risk that you should take only when you fully understand it. Here’s everything you need to know about boys on the side, and girls on the top.

The Beauty of Going Both Ways

There’s a certain appeal in a side buzz cut. For girls who frequently or have always worn longer hair styles, there’s an element of freedom in going short. And then of course there’s that little apron string that many of us have tied our tendrils, tightly around. Maybe you don’t really want to go short, you just want to test things out. Here’s a few benefits of going both ways, well at least, the long and the short of it.

You’ll Be Making a Change

Change is good, however subtle. Sometimes you might want to do something totally drastic, when really you just need to maybe punch up your haircut, or add a bold color instead. Your stylist, if you are loyal, will start to understand your personality, and believe it or not- a good one will even recommend a change long before you see it coming. If your stylist knows you want something a little edgy they might well enough suggest you go for a side buzz. I mean, seriously, your stylist knows when you’re feeling a little wild. A small change can be a very empowering thing.

You’ll Live Fearlessly

Well, at least for a moment. If your locks have been your security blanket, you might feel a little bad-ass and grown up when you take those clippers to the side. Maybe you’re working on shedding a stereotype, maybe you want to feel stronger inside and out. No matter what, when the sides come off- confidence shouts. Get ready to turn some heads.

A Side Buzz Cut Makes You Different

The truth of the matter is, just like a mullet, a side buzz cut is a statement making haircut that is certain to gain you all kinds of attention. If you were born to shine, defining your look with this bold haircut will, no doubt, prove it. Whether you want to obtain a job with a progressive, avant gard company, or simply want people to know you walk to the beat of your own drum, a side buzz makes the case.

What to Consider Before Getting a Side Buzz Haircut

Before you visit the electric shaver aisle, you should know that a professional haircut is still necessary if you want a really good side haircut. This hair trend requires not only a clean line around the circumference of your head, the top of your hair should fall nicely around the sides. A talented stylist can make suggestions based on your current hair cut, and she might even inspire you to add a head-turning hair color to the mix that will help compliment and define your total look. Ready to make the clip? Contact Juldan Salon today.